Video: Woman holding gun, baby terrorizes San Diego church on Easter Sunday

SAN DIEGO (KABC) -- Newly released video shows a traumatic scene inside a San Diego area church where a woman holding her baby and a gun interrupted a service on Easter Sunday.

Anna Conkey is accused of walking into the church and making threats to blow up at the Tsidkenu Church in the Clairemont community.

At one point, officials say she aimed the gun at her 10-month-old son.

Churchgoers were able to tackle and disarm the woman shortly before police arrived. The baby was not harmed in the incident.

Officers took Conkey into custody and say they determined the gun was not loaded.

During her trial last week, the pastor testified that Conkey also pointed the gun at parishioners.

The pastor tried to calm everyone down by telling them her weapon wasn't real, but it was.

"Just get down and pray, get down and pray," pastor Ben Weisen was heard saying in the video. "You gotta put that down. Police are gonna come in really hot, and they don't know it's a Taser. You gotta put it down right now."

Conkey pleaded not guilty to several felony counts, including child abuse and making a false bomb report.
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