Santa Monica revokes historic designation for Home Savings building

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- In a closed session, the Santa Monica City Council revoked the historic designation for the iconic Home Savings building.

The council also blocked any new application for five years.

This could put the half-century-old building and its mosaic mural in jeopardy.

The actions stem from a lawsuit between the building's owner and the city.

The building's owner says the mosaic will be preserved and donated to the city or a nonprofit organization.

The mosaic depicts a day at the beach and is located on Wilshire Boulevard near the entrance to the city.

The Santa Monica Conservancy issued a statement on the removal of the building's historic status.

"The Conservancy has consistently supported the designation of Home Savings, and made a strongly-worded statement of that position to Council before the closed session commenced."

The Home Savings Building was completed in 1970. It's one of a series of 40 branches with mosaics done by artist Millard Sheets.

The building was designated a historic landmark in March 2017.