AJ Michalka and Brett Dier talk about 'Schooled' love triangle

NEW YORK -- The cat is out of the bag. Lainey knows that C.B. loves her on ABC's "Schooled." The show's two stars AJ Michalka and Brett Dier took some time to talk about what's coming up next this season.

"I wish he could just tell her straight up, but I understand," Dier said.

"And she's in a relationship," Michalka said. "I love the idea of Barry and Lainey on 'The Goldbergs,' but now that she's grown up I'd like for her to depart from the relationship that she had as a kid, or at least to try."

Then, the bombshell. Michalka said that she's actually "Team C.B.!"

"Thank you, it feels great," Dier said. But Michalka quickly chimed in, "You're also sitting right next to me."

Loyal fans of "The Goldbergs" have been rooting for Barry and Lainey to be together in the future after they called off their engagement on "The Goldbergs." On "Schooled," they are in a long distance relationship.

C.B. has been a loyal friend, but has been secretly pining away for her. At least it was a secret from Lainey, the rest of the staff at William Penn Academy was in on it from the start.

So what will happen next between the two? You'll have to tune in to find out. One thing's for sure, whatever happens, it's happening with a lot of 90s nostalgia.

"I love 'The Goldbergs' world and love seeing it transition into the 90s and watching our favorite teachers work really hard at William Penn," Michalka said. "Hopefully we're honoring teachers as best we can, but also giving people a taste of the 90s."

You can watch "Schooled" Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. EST on ABC!
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