Families of victims in Seal Beach salon shooting demand justice

SEAL BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- It's been five years since the Seal Beach salon massacre, and families of those killed came together Saturday to demand justice and closure.

Loved ones spent time at a memorial remembering the eight women and men killed in a rampage at a beauty salon. They say they were frustrated because Scott Dekraii, the man who admitted to the murders, has not been sentenced.

"When we have to see that coward's face in the newspaper and on the news, it's draining to us all to know what he took from us," said Paul Wilson, husband of one of the victims.

Dekraai went to Salon Meritage in October of 2011 and fatally shot his ex-wife and seven other people.

He admitted to the murders but is still awaiting sentencing.

Hattie Stretz, 77, is the only shooting victim who survived. She and loved ones of the other victims said they can't move on with their lives until the case is brought to an end.

"We respectfully and strongly request that the California Attorney General decline to appeal the recusal ruling and accept the defendant's request of life Imprisonment," she announced at an afternoon news conference.

Dekraai pleaded guilty but the trial stalled after the Orange County District Attorney's Office and the sheriff's department came under fire.

Dekraai's attorney leveled accusations of a conspiracy involving prosecutors and deputies after learning that a jailhouse informant gathered evidence against his client.

The families were not all in agreement about Dekraai's fate. Some favor life in prison, others believe he deserves the death penalty.

The State Attorney General's Office will decide the next step in the case.

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