VIDEO: Seal smothers diver with affection in playful underwater encounter

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019
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An underwater adventure sparked a new friendship after a curious seal was captured on video investigating a scuba diver off the coast of England.

NORTHUMBERLAND, England -- Talk about a close encounter of the cute kind: A seal launched an adorable attack of curiosity on a scuba diver.

Diving enthusiast Ben Burville was off the coast of England when the seal came up to him and started chewing on the diver's hood while clawing at his mask. The underwater video footage even shows the seal managing to pull Burville's hood back a little bit.

After a while, seemingly no longer interested, the seal took off - leaving the diver to readjust his equipment.

Burville says he spends a lot of time diving in the area with the seals and is fascinated by their curious nature. He has posted several photos and videos of him with the mammals.

He tweeted the recent interaction on Sunday, calling the seal his "dive buddy."