Congresswoman Maxine Waters stops to help hundreds who lined up expecting housing vouchers

The congresswoman said she believes more than half the people who came out Friday may have been misinformed.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Hundreds of frustrated people lined up outside of a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles Friday morning, many of whom were expecting to receive Section 8 housing vouchers.

"The issue here is people are under the assumption that they're getting a Section 8 voucher and it's overcrowding," said Tiffany Mathis, who is currently experiencing homelessness. "They don't understand that you have to be in a program and it's a referral service or you get certain services, housing or shelter care until they assess what you need, and I think that's what messed the whole thing up today."

Congresswoman Maxine Waters noticed the large crowd near Imperial Highway and Vermont Avenue and decided to stop and assist.

"Because of the confusion and people don't know the difference between the emergency homeless vouchers and the regular Section 8 vouchers, they're here today just trying to get help," said she said.

At one point she even used a microphone on a nearby police unit to provide more information.

"I blame those who have the money that we have sent from the federal government who have not been able to communicate properly and to provide the services that we worked so hard for," said Waters.

The congresswoman said she believes more than half the people who came out Friday were misinformed. However, she also said the amount of people that came out shows there's a real need in the community.

"There's a lot of people out here," said Dwight Carr, who showed up with intentions of getting a Section 8 voucher. "Because people sleeping on the street, the prices are going up, nobody has a place to go to."

Waters said she will continue to try and help get the people what they need.

"This is an indication of neglect and a lack of processes that is doing what we want them to do," she said. "So people are here just trying to get a place to live and to get some support."

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