Tiny Selena fans in Boyle Heights learn about her legacy

BOYLE HEIGHTS, Los Angeles (KABC) -- A group of over 100 transitional kinder and kindergarten students from Euclid Avenue Elementary in Boyle Heights are famous for their cumbia steps.

"It's very important for them to know what they're channeling," Amaris Median, a teacher, said.

The students performed to a Selena medley as a part of their 'Fiesta International' Festival this spring.

But, before they took their dance moves to the blacktop, the little ones used their noggins in the classroom.

"It started with Women's History month, then we built on that and we started talking about our own culture and why we celebrate the people we celebrate," Medina said.

Not only did the students learned about Selena, but other important figures like Cesar Chavez and Frida Kahlo too.

And, learning about Kahlo really empowered 6-year-old Yohana Paredes.

"Earlier in the year she felt very self-conscious about her thick lashes, her eyebrows," Medina said. "And seeing Frida Kahlo she was very proud."

"It's makes me proud and happy to see that the kids learned something and that they can make a difference," Nancy Guardado, a teacher, said.

Guardado and Medina said it's important for the next generation to learn about all cultures.

"Representation is so important for them. Because if they see a Mexican-American woman who had to do a cross over and had to go through all of these barriers, that's inspiring," Medina said.
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