Selma Blair opens up about living with MS in new documentary 'Introducing, Selma Blair'

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Friday, October 22, 2021
Selma Blair's raw, heartbreaking battle with M.S.
'Nothing with Selma was off limits.' Filmmaker Rachel Fleit offers honest look at how actress Selma Blair is dealing with her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

HOLLYWOOD -- In the new documentary, "Introducing, Selma Blair," you'll see the actress being both comedic...and very raw.

The film takes us on her journey - from that diagnosis of multiple sclerosis to what she does medically to try and slow down the progression of the disease. It is an unflinching, intimate and brave story about an actress willing to share what she's been through with filmmaker Rachel Fleit.

"You know, it was just really like having a friend over and we start playing," said Blair. "It was really comfortable for me."

"Nothing with Selma was off limits. And she was absolutely the subject of the film. So she never stepped foot in our edit," said Fleit. "Selma was so willing and so vulnerable. And I think that what is what has been the success of the film is really that she was willing to share this part of herself. When someone is so honest it inspires other people."

One of the film's more tender moments shows Selma with her son, Arthur, trying to ease his fears.

"This is a film about the human spirit and what it means to be alive, to struggle, to find joy, what it means to triumph," said Fleit.

"I think anytime you can give yourself permission to be as strong or helpful in thought, or as balanced as you can be, that is always very welcome," said Blair.

"Introducing, Selma Blair" is in theatres in limited release and streaming on Discovery+.

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