VIDEO: Car, lodged under semitruck, dragged along 15 Freeway in Cajon Pass

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Thursday, April 20, 2017
Semitruck drags car on 15 Freeway after crash
A semitruck was caught on video dragging a sedan up the Cajon Pass. The driver of the sedan can be heard screaming for help as other bystanders try to get the semi to stop.

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY (KABC) -- A driver heading up the Cajon Pass captured an unbelievable sight on his cellphone - a crunched up red sedan partially lodged underneath a semitruck and being dragged on the interstate.

The incident began about 3:20 p.m. Wednesday on the northbound 15 Freeway, just north of Highway 138, as a 62-year-old Bakersfield man was driving about 30 mph in a truck hauling 50,000 pounds of carrots, according to the California Highway Patrol.

A witness' video shows a semitrailer dragging a sedan on a freeway in the Cajon Pass.

The semitrailer came upon another slower-moving tractor-trailer and began merging into another lane, striking a Nissan Maxima that was passing at the time.

The sedan, driven by a 34-year-old Oak Hills man, became lodged underneath the first semitruck and was dragged nearly 3/4 of a mile, the CHP said in a statement.

Hesperia man, Brian Steimke, was on his way home captured video of the incident. In the video, the man trapped inside the sedan can be heard pleading for help as he waves his arms out of the car window.

Steimke said he could hardly believe what was taking place in front of him. He said it appeared the driver was dragged 4 miles, but CHP said it was less than a mile.

As all of this is happening, the driver of a silver Scion took action and sped up along the other side of the semitruck to get in front of it in order to try and stop it.

This maneuver worked, and the semi driver is asked why he didn't stop by Steimke, who also stopped. The semi driver can be heard saying he didn't see or hear anything.

Incredibly, the man being dragged in the red sedan did not appear to have any serious injuries. However, his car was clearly totaled.

Highway patrol officers responded to the scene and "did not detect any signs of impairment on the (truck) driver and did a preliminary examination of the driver's log book, which appeared to be in compliance," the news release said.

"There did not appear to be any mechanical issues with tractor-trailer combination, which were a factor in the collision," according to the CHP, whose officers allowed the truck driver to drive away from the scene.

The semitruck involved in the crash is registered to Mike Lowrie Trucking from Dixon in Northern California. Authorities said the driver will not be facing any criminal charges.