The Gold Rush of 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

In the new J'adore ad. On the latest kicks by Nike and Adidas. On boardwalks from Paris to Peru. On your iphone. On the new Bugatti. And that's just the tip of the gold iceberg. Long ignored by fashionistas and their mentors, gold is suddenly the new black. And the new red. And the new... well, you get the idea.

And because we're trendy types, you and I, we need to find some ways to add this year's new fashion color to our decorating schemes. You might be surprised at the variety that's available, for every room in your home - living room to kitchen to bathroom. And at the variety of gold shades and textures. Gold can have a hundred different personalities - bright and shiny, bold and brassy, calm and neutral, or dark and mysterious. By the way, because of its association with money and wealth, gold is also a favorite color with feng shui devotees, who consider it to be the absolute color of happiness and warmth.

One of the easiest ways to add a spot of gold to your living room furniture decor is with the right lamp. There are hundreds to choose from, from traditional to metro modern, in sizes from petite piano lamps to imposing floor lamps. And because gold is gold, and pretty much goes with everything, the challenges are reduced to finding the right shape and style.

Adding the gold touch to a room is limited only by your imagination and ingenuity. A shimmering gold pouf ottoman can do the trick. An accent table with a woven gold base, gold pulls or gilt accents on a chest, even something as simple as a tray or teacart topped with decorative gold glassware can give you the Midas touch you're after. And don't forget the power of paint. We've seen everything from chairs to gateleg tables to cricket wickets and bats painted gold to add a classy or whimsical touch to an entryway, living room or den.

To take it a step farther, visit a few furniture stores and see what's available, or go online and do a simple search. Typing "gold" into the search box on any large furniture company's website (like mathisbrothers.com, for example) should bring up hundreds of options, from tables to sofas to bedroom furniture to mirrors, lamps and rugs.

Take a look at Bernhardt's Salon collection, a great example of a manufacturer staying ahead of the trend, using gold to provide glittering accents to the furniture's lustrous alabaster finish. Check out Hooker's Bling Bed from their Sanctuary collection.

Spend a little more time and you'll find dozens of tables, chinas, buffets, armoires, mirrors, vanities, lamps and rugs from Pulaski, Henredon, Marge Carson, Baker, and a variety of other manufacturers that can add a spot or a splash of gold to your rooms.

Don't be shy. The beauty of gold is its versatility. You can use it the way you use jewelry: as a fascinating, priceless accent that enhances a look. Or you can use it to dominate a room, with a large sectional, table, rug, mirror, or wall, by going monochromatic, with varying shades of gold.

Start with a gold sofa, slightly darker or lighter walls and rug, and drapes or throw pillows also in varying shades of gold. Then add dimension with dark attendant pieces - tables, lamps, maybe even chairs - in black or dark chocolate with gold accents.

Just remember, there is no "golden rule" in decorating. As always, you should look at what's available, find the things you love, and use them as focal points or accents in your decorating scheme.