Apps, devices aim at helping users understand potential sleep issues

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Sleep can have a crucial impact on your weight and overall wellbeing, and experts say most of us are not getting enough quality shut-eye.

Clinical pharmacist Jim LaValle knows how important sleep is to health. He says the data from "wearables" can help target potential sleep issues.

He also says to consider lifestyle factors such as how much coffee you drink and how well you manage stress. Exercise and alcohol all play a role.

Factors also include eating too late, eating too much, alcohol and eating certain foods, such as ones that cause blood sugar to go up and down, LaValle says.

Apps such as Sleep Cycle and even an Oura ring can also help to detect if we snore, which may cause health challenges.

LaValle says use these metrics to understand why we may not be sleeping as long as desired.

Managing stress during the day will also help you sleep at night as an overloaded brain has trouble shutting down circuits at night.
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