This Pacoima cafe puts Snickers in your burger

PACOIMA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Myke's Cafe's pink storefront stands out amongst all of the businesses on Van Nuys Blvd. The place that built its local fame on pancakes, decided to venture out to bring sweet and savory all in one bite with the creation of the Snicker Burger.

"Every time there's someone trying it for the first time their like 'there's just no way...chocolate in a burger that's just not gonna work,'" said Rafael Andrade, owner Myke's Cafe.

When you walk into Myke's, art from local artists is displayed all around the cafe with the signature pink walls in the background.

"It's like a hidden gem in this part of the valley," said Claudio Estrada, who works in the area, "And this burger, I'm a huge chocolate fan so I was kind of wary about it but it's a perfect blend of chocolate and what you think a burger is like."

The idea first came about when Andrade's brother brought the idea to him, and he took about a month to perfect the recipe.

Snickers are inside the burger patty so that when thrown on the grill the chocolate seeps into the meat, giving a light chocolate essence. Then Andrade adds cheddar cheese, bacon, a slice of green apple to compliment the caramel in the snickers, a habanero aioli sauce that he developed to add a slight kick all within a brioche bun.

"It has a really nice blend of the sweetness and the spicy, neither one being too overbearing. It's just a really well balanced flavor," said Vanessa Perez.
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