Skiers and snowboarders enjoy the fresh snow dumped by the recent SoCal storms

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Friday, March 8, 2024
Skiers, snowboarders enjoy the fresh snow after recent SoCal storms
These recent storms in Southern California brought a lot of rain while also powdering the mountains with snow.

BIG BEAR, Calif. (KABC) -- These recent storms in Southern California brought a lot of rain while also powdering the mountains with snow.

A year ago the San Bernardino Mountains were under a state of emergency after a blizzard slammed the area burying homes and businesses.

In the town of Crestline, which lost its only grocery store after the roof caved in, construction continues on a new Goodwin and Sons Market set to open later this summer.

As for snow, you had to climb high in elevation to find any.

"It might have been raining down the hill but we were lucky enough to get 3-4 inches at all three properties. Snow Valley, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain all saw accumulation overnight," said Justin Kanton, Big Bear Mountain Resort.

That's on top of the more than 110 inches of accumulation of snow the ski resorts saw in February.

Stan Brown drove in from Tahoe to spend the day with his family on the slopes and was treated to fresh snow following last night's storm.

"Last night we stayed up at the cabin over here by Bear mountain and it snowed. So we woke up to fresh snow this morning," said Brown.

In addition to fresh powder skiers and snowboards got to enjoy wide open spaces during the trek down the mountain. There was also no waiting to get on any of the ski lifts. For one couple it was the perfect opportunity for a snowboarding lesson without the fear of running into others.

"It is my birthday weekend and it's her first time snowboarding so I brought her up so we could snowboard, and we are just taking our time and learning how to snowboard," said San Diego resident Joel Navarro.

"It is not that crowded so it's perfect, it's less intimidating as opposed to, like, for me, I wanted to avoid the weekend or at least be good enough by the weekend," said Bunny Kairuz, from Carlsbad.

Even seasoned snow enthusiasts like Brown tries to avoid the crowds.

"I always ride during the week, I don't like riding on the weekends because the crowds are too much," Brown said.

With snow conditions like this, it's sure to be a busy weekend, but be sure to check weather conditions before heading to the slopes, and bring your tire chains just in case.