Cool Kid Carissa Long helps Orange County's homeless children

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Every swing and putt and even the missed shots at a recent golf tournament in Newport Beach represented another dollar to help Orange County's most vulnerable children.

The tournament was organized by Sage Hill High School senior Carissa Long for the nonprofit Illumination Foundation.

The group works with children and families dealing with chronic homelessness.

Long started volunteering with the foundation three years ago, first by participating in a Halloween costume drive.

"Just seeing those kids, and how excited they got to receive or choose a Halloween costume meant so much," she recalled. "I just really want to do more stuff like that with them."

She has also started an Illumination Foundation club at her school.

With the help of local businesses, 250 local golfers signed up for the golf tournament.

In the end, they raised $250,000 for a children's resource center and afterschool programs.

"She sets a goal and she does it," said her mother, Keri Long. "And that's something that I really admire about her."
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