Eyewitness This: NASA will pay you $19K to stay in bed, new mammogram standards, LAX parking changes

Here are some stories to start your day.

Get paid to stay in bed!
NASA is willing to pay participants about nearly $19,000 to spend two whole months watching TV in bed.

The German Aerospace Center will select 24 participants to stay asleep while they are subjected to a 60-day observation under bed rest.

NASA researchers are looking at the effects of "artificial gravity" on the body to see if it may be beneficial to astronauts who spend a long time in space.

The participants will be separated into groups, but housed in a single room.

The volunteers will do a number of activities lying down; such as eating, watching television, and reading for about $18,565.

Mammogram standards regulations
The FDA wants to standardize the information given to millions of women after they get scans to detect breast cancer.

That information has to do with breast density, which can sometimes make cancer harder to spot.

California is one of 35 states that already require some kind of notification - but the new guidelines would set minimum standards for that information and apply it to the entire country.

LAX parking changes
Heads up - there are some parking changes at Los Angeles International Airport.

A brand new parking lot - Lot E - opened on Thursday. It's on the east end of the airport between Aviation and La Cienega boulevards. The lot adds about 2,000 long-term spaces, and another 700 spaces will be added in June.

But here's another change to keep in mind. Lot C, which many people are accustomed to parking in, will be closing on April 1. It's being converted to a space for construction and employee parking.

Something else to keep in mind - it takes longer to get to the terminal from Lot E. Daily rates in Lot E is $12 per day, the same as Lot C.
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