Eyewitness This: Study says tap water could increase cancer risk, high cost of renting in California, Disneyland's new rules

Tap water and cancer risk
A new study suggests there may be a link between drinking tap water in California and an increased risk of cancer.

The Environmental Working Group looked at contaminants in public water systems. The group based its cancer-risk assessment on water-quality data published by the state of California. The biggest concern: arsenic from groundwater in many of the smaller systems.

So, what can you do if you're worried about the safety of your water? Experts say certified filters can help reduce exposure to contaminants.

California's high-priced rental market
If it feels like more and more of your income is going toward rent, you're not alone, especially in Southern California.

A new USC study ranked the cities nationwide with the widest disparity between income and affordable rental housing. Los Angeles is No. 4 on the list, with the Riverside/San Bernardino area at No.5. San Diego is No. 2.

Rents continue to rise, far outpacing increases in wages. The study also found that low-income renters in L.A. remained unchanged, but the city lost 14 percent of the rentals from the lowest bracket.

Disneyland changes
And Disneyland Resort is feeling the Force with some fun Star Wars-themed offerings, including the return of Hyperspace Mountain.

Starting Saturday, visitors can hurtle through space while dodging furious dogfights on this high-speed "Star Wars" adventure. And of course everyone is awaiting the arrival of "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" at the end of this month.

Ahead of that opening, some changes went into effect Wednesday. Among them: a new ban on extra-wide or double-wide strollers.

Also, no wagons are allowed anywhere inside the parks. And no smoking anywhere in the resort.
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