Malibu Creek State Park docents fundraising to bring back important signage lost in Woolsey Fire

MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) -- On any given day at Malibu Creek State Park, you'll find it thriving with hikers, horseback riders, runners and more, all eager to enjoy nature.

"It is a wonderful trail run. Hike. Beautiful. You can run from Malibu down to PCH. The creek is running right now," said Eileen Cohen, a runner from Simi Valley.

Sixty-five docents volunteer their time and energy here to help others enjoy the 34 miles of trails in this area alone.

But the flames from the Woolsey fire burned and destroyed many of the important signs, leaving visitors lost. That's why a GoFundMe campaign for the park was created.

"One of the things about nature, it recovers after the fire but some of the history gets lost. We're hoping to raise about $10,000 to replace all the signage throughout the park. We're going to replace them with the type that survives the fire next time," said docent Sasan Sheibani.

"We did the math, we went back to the company, that was the estimate for all the signs that need to be replaced," said docent Deborah Sabag.

There's so much Hollywood history here. "M.A.S.H" and "Planet of the Apes" are just two of a handful of movies shot here. Plus, there is a wealth of local history and education about plants and wildlife.

Currently there's little information to educate visitors.

Along with raising money for signs, they're also interested in bringing groups in to do things like cycling and horseback riding.

"We need more resources for different diverse groups. To reach out to other communities that don't always get a chance to come out to the park," said State Park Peace Officer Christa Quick.

Buy a map, hat, a shirt or simply donate. The docents here will happily walk you through it.
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