Oak Glen estate purchased by 2014 jackpot winners now up for sale

OAK GLEN, Calif. (KABC) -- When a Calimesa couple won a $180 million Mega Millions jackpot four years ago, the first thing on their wish list was a new home.

"We've lived in the same house for 23 years," said Rick Knudsen during a news conference in 2014. "So, we're going to step up it."

They're weren't joking.

Now, the couple lives at a 6,000-foot elevation level, in a 16,000 square foot mansion overlooking Oak Glen. The five-bedroom estate features a six-car garage, a three-story elevator and a 17-seat movie theater.

But the Knudsen family is looking to downsize. And now their massive mountain retreat is on the market.

"It's the time in their life that they're ready to tone things down a little bit," said Karen Pierce, Rick Knudsen's sister. "And his son does have a heart problem, and the 6,000-foot level is too much pressure on him."

But it's not just the home for sale, but a total of 845 acres on Little San Gorgonio Mountain, including a fully operational buffalo ranch, as well as the nearby Oak Glen Steakhouse and Saloon. Total asking price: $26 million.

"It could be a celebrity, a musician, entertainer," said realtor Craig Strong about a list of potential buyers. "Whoever doesn't want to be bothered at all, nobody's going to bother you (at this home), and you don't have to leave. You have everything you need."

Pierce said her brother and his wife aren't desperate to sell their mountain home. But they do feel like downsizing from the 16,000 square foot estate.

"I think he's planning to build something around 5,000 or 6,000 (square feet)," Pierce said, with a laugh. "Let's cut it by three maybe."
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