Photographer captures curbside sofas all around Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- An artist has taken a special interest in abandoned sofas that are left all along Los Angeles.

Andrew Ward, an assistant Hollywood movie director, has creativity that goes way beyond a movie set. He said five years ago while driving to work an old sofa left on the sidewalk caught his eye.

Shortly after that, he started noticing other sofas left around and one day he pulled over to take some pictures.

"People have seen the movie 'The Sixth Sense,' where this young kid sees dead people everywhere. For me, I kind of saw sofas everywhere. I just couldn't get away from them and it became this obsession," he said.

So far, he's taken more than 1,500 pictures of sofas left all around L.A. and surrounding neighborhoods. He said every stained, cushion-less and torn-up couch has a unique personality and its own story.

"You see sometimes that a pet had lived in the home where it came from because it'll be covered in hair or there's a rip in the sofa. In their new environment, it almost looks like they belonged there as opposed to someone's living room," he said.

His portrait-style pictures not only capture the sofa, but also highlight the neighborhood where they came from. Many times, they blend together perfectly. His exhibit, called "The Sofas of L.A." has been featured in Canada and Europe.

"People in L.A. who are familiar with the project, they understand it because it's their city. But overseas it seems to have caught on with people as well, but it's a mix between the bizarre and some cultural significance as well," he said.

Ward said Los Angeles is a transient city, which is why so much furniture is left behind. He is currently working on a book that should be out later this year.

So while curbside furniture may be trash to some, it continues to be a treasure for others in more than one way.
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