'It is very close to me:' Veteran actor in tune with movie role seemingly tailor made for him

Actor Paul Raci hits all the right notes in new movie 'Sound of Metal' that utilizes his music and sign language skills.
HOLLYWOOD -- It's nice to come across a good "dream come true" story. Paul Raci's been in the acting game now for more than 30 years. For some of that time, he struggled with addiction. He's long clean now, and so happy for his good fortune; he's landed a key role in the new movie, "Sound of Metal."

In the film, Raci plays a guy who runs a sober house for the deaf. He's there to help a young musician deal with his hearing loss. Raci himself battled addiction and he grew up with deaf parents. He agrees this is a part he was born to play.

"Oh my God, absolutely. When I read the script, I knew it was," said Raci. "And I've been telling people every actor out here is writing a movie that stars themselves, you know? And I've been doing that, too, with a couple of writing partners for 15, 20 years. Then this thing comes along. I threw away my typewriter. It's like, that's it! This is the role I've been trying to invent. But it is very close to me, very close."

Raci has a longtime "side gig;" he's part of a heavy metal, Black Sabbath tribute band!

"It's called 'Hands of Doom.' We do two hours of Black Sabbath. I'm the lead singer and I sign it, also," said Raci. "So at every show, we have, like 50 deaf people that show up. So that's my main focus right now is my band."

For now, Raci's focus is this new movie.

"I don't see how I could ever have a more perfect role than this," said Raci.

Raci has another side job; he's spent more than 25 years as a certified sign language interpreter in the L.A. Superior Court System.
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