String of violent robberies target taco trucks in South LA; community rallies behind victims

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Saturday, June 3, 2023
String of violent robberies target taco trucks in South LA: VIDEO
Video shows a gun jammed into a man's throat during the latest in a string of unprovoked taco truck robberies in South Los Angeles.

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Community members in South Los Angeles are standing up for their local taco trucks after a string violent and unprovoked robberies have targeted the street vendors there.

On Saturday, a food and fellowship fundraiser is being held to stand as a symbol of unity against attacks on street vendors. Another goal of the event: to fundraise for the taco stands that have lost thousands due to the armed robberies.

The fundraiser is being held at Tacos Los Chemas on 103rd Street and South Avalon. The taco stand was the victim of the latest attack, where they jammed a gun in an employee 's neck, pistol whipped another victim and demanded money from the truck's cash register.

Video caught the scary incident.

"We're here to let them know they are not alone," said Edin Enamorado, a street vendor activist who helped organize the event. "For them to come over here and actually go out of their way, and become that violent -- I think it was super unnecessary."

Another community member who attended the event, known as "Groove," said they are tired of people targeting street vendors.

"We're tired of people messing with our street vendors. They are honest hard working people that are just providing a living for their families," he said.

The crooks who targeted Tacos Los Chemas got away in a white Honda Accord.

Police are investigating the connection between the string of robberies, but activists say the crimes are ones of opportunity.

"It's basically a perfect storm between what's going on in the economy. Prices have risen. Communities are hurting," said Enamorado. "Poverty and crime go hand in hand, right. And then you add racism, you add a recipe for disaster."

Organizers say they are hoping to raise thousands of dollars in donations to help the taco trucks recover their losses. They are also calling on city leaders to create stiffer penalties for attacks on street vendors.