Dodgers show their appreciation for Vin Scully in a fun way

ByCourtney Schellin ESPN logo
Saturday, August 27, 2016

How do you show your appreciation for one of the greatest MLB play-by-play announcers? With personalized face masks for every person in the team photo, of course.

What you're looking at is 88 Vin Scully masks on the Los Angeles Dodgers and one smiling Vin Scully in the flesh.

In honor of the play-by-play great, the team wore photo masks of Scully, who will retire this year after having announced for the Dodgers since their days in Brooklyn.That's 67 years in the booth for the franchise.

Scully will always be a fan favorite to Dodgers fans, and really, anyone who has heard him call a game. He truly is the man, the myth, the legend -- the voice of baseball.

Scully is well known for his "forget it" call on home runs. Fair to say, "forget it" on topping this farewell.