Hundreds hit the stage at 2017 Laker Girls auditions

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (KABC) -- Hundreds of dancers auditioned at the Toyota Sports Center on Sunday to become part of this season's Laker Girls squad.

Eleven of the 250 women were returning dancers, but every Laker Girl must re-audition for a coveted spot.

It's one thing to be on the deck, audition and become a Laker Girl, but Eyewitness News spoke to one woman who now sits on the other side of the table. She said the process is about way more than just one day of auditioning.

"It's something they've been working for their whole lives - going to dance classes, really having their sights set on this and preparing for it. So, it's a long process and that's why we take a long day and do a lot of rounds, but we get it down to the best team," said Laker Girls Manager Jessica Elliot.

Each dancer must be 18. Everyone was expected to bring a resume and their dancing to the floor.

For some, the slot on the Laker Girls pushes a different kind of dance out there for all to appreciate.

Stephaniee D. Martin, a Howard University graduate, said she's been dancing since she was a little girl. Having lived in Los Angeles for almost three years, she said she's ready to live her dream as a woman in purple.

"...We're giving the fans something to cheer about, like, we're cheering with them, and that makes me happy," Martin said.
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