Vote! Would you buy Big Baller Brand shoes?

The internet is officially going bonkers over LaVar Ball's recent reveal of Big Baller Brand's ZO2 shoe line that he designed for his son, Lonzo.

The main shoe is debuting for, oh, you know, $495. And that's just the midrange-priced shoes.

A Lonzo Ball-autographed pair of the shoes is being sold for $995.

But, don't worry, the slides are only $220.

Needless to say, at prices like these, the internet basically went into an uproar.

Then the sarcasm came.

Here's the thing: The shoes are slick, but are they really worth nearly $500? Not to mention, is a pair of sneakers with the signature of someone who has never played in an NBA game, let alone been drafted by an NBA team yet, worth the extra $500?

To some, the answer is yes. Just ask Arian Foster and Chad Ochocinco.

What do you think? Would you buy a pair of Big Baller Brand sneaks for nearly $500? Vote!

In his freshman season at UCLA, Lonzo Ball averaged 14.6 points. He is projected to be picked in the top three of the NBA draft.

-- Courtney Schellin

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