Boy, 8, seals championship game with two half-court buzzer-beaters

Jack Jeffery, 8, sinks two buzzer-beaters in a single championship game. (Colin Jeffery/YouTube)

March basketball sees its share of wild last-second shots, but it's not every day that buzzer-beaters are thrown from half court in a championship game. Twice. By an 8-year-old.

Second-grader Jack Jeffery came through for his team to end both regulation and overtime during the Pacific Palisades 2016 Bantam League Finals in Los Angeles.

The first buzzer-beater came when his team, the Blue Devils, was down by three points with six seconds left. Jack's half-court lob went in, tying the game and sending it into extra minutes.

Then, with the game tied and a measly two seconds left on the clock, Jack's teammate passed him the ball. Again Jack took a shot from beyond the half-court line, and again it went in, this time winning the game.

When Jack sank the shot, his teammates, friends and family went wild, screaming and running around the court.

"The place erupted. It was amazing," his dad, Colin, told Good Morning America.

Jack, who has been playing since age 4, told GMA that he knew it was going in. He always does.

With that kind of confidence, it's no surprise what Jack wants to be when he grows up: an NBA player.
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