Picnic tables for squirrels?!

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Sunday, May 3, 2020
Picnic tables for squirrels?!
Maria Trezza is selling picnic tables for squirrels, a trade that's caught wind.Picnic tables for squirrels were an instant hit for Bolingbrook woman Maria Trezza and her neighbor, Rob Gibala.

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. -- A suburban Chicago woman is selling picnic tables for squirrels.

Maria Trezza of Bolingbrook has collaborated with her neighbor, Rob Gibala, who makes the tables. They both split the cost. Each table sells for $27, with a tablecloth and nuts included.

This all started after Trezza saw her friend post a picture of a squirrel table on social media. That's when Trezza asked Gibala to make her one.

Gibala has a history of working with wood, so for him, it was no problem. What set this business on fire was a tweet Trezza's son posted about his mother's new trade three weeks ago. Ever since, Trezza's phone has been ringing off the hook!