Police respond to several street takeovers in Compton, South LA area amid crackdown

During one of the takeovers, four spectators were struck by gunfire.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024
String of street takeovers in South LA area leads to cars impounded
Several cars were impounded after police responded to a string of illegal street takeovers in the South Los Angeles and Compton areas overnight.

COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- Police responded to several illegal street takeovers in the South Los Angeles and Compton areas overnight after multiple cars were impounded on the 6th Street Bridge for the same reason.

Deputies assigned to the Compton station for Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department responded to about five street takeovers, including one at Atlantic Avenue and Alondra Boulevard.

During a takeover at Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue, four spectators who were standing at a nearby Arco gas station were struck by gunfire. They were all taken to the hospital and are expected to be OK. Additional information about the shooting was not available.

Los Angeles police are also looking into a number of takeovers that happened late Sunday into Monday morning. One of them happened on Crenshaw Boulevard and Florence Avenue.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, about 15 vehicles that were involved in the numerous street takeovers were impounded. No arrests were made.

A LAPD task force impounded about 20 cars and wrote 150 citations after an illegal street takeover on the 6th Street Bridge over the weekend.

This comes after the department impounded more than 20 cars and handed out about 150 citations following another large takeover Saturday night on the 6th Street Bridge, which connects Boyle Heights and downtown L.A.'s Arts District.

Officers arrived and found several hundred cars blocking the bridge before the crowd scattered.

Authorities say many of those people gathered again over to 4th Street near the lower Grand Tunnel, which officers also responded to.

Sheriff Robert Luna said he's very concerned about the amount of takeovers happening this time of year.

"Generally, in the past, we've seen this type of activity increase during the spring and summer. It's the middle of winter... I'm very troubled by what I'm seeing," Luna said. "I'm going to have to make sure that our task force is geared up."

Meanwhile, LAPD Chief Michel Moore says the issuing of citations and vehicle impoundments is not enough to stop them.

"The current scheme of citations and even vehicle impounds is proving to be less than sufficient," Moore said. "I believe... we need legislation, harsher penalties."