Studio City man injured in alleged attack after confronting homeless men behind his home

Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Studio City homeowner injured in alleged attack by homeless man
A Studio City man is recovering from serious injuries after he was attacked during a confrontation with two homeless men, and his wife is now seeking justice.

STUDIO CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A suspect was arrested Tuesday afternoon after allegedly attacking a man in Studio City and leaving him with serious injuries during a confrontation.

Cecilia Guile, the victim's wife, said two homeless men set up a shelter in the embankment just beneath their home in the hills of Studio City on Wednesday. By Friday, Guile's husband attempted to get them to move.

She said he offered to help get them city assistance, but that made one man angry, and Guile's husband was attacked.

"I'm saddened, I'm outraged, I think that it's gotten out of hand," Guile said. "To have it on your own property and not be able to feel safe."

Guile said the man "tried to just drive a huge metal pole through his back."

Ring camera security footage captured one of the men sneaking through the backyard after allegedly assaulting the homeowner.

Guile's husband suffered several serious injuries but is expected to recover.

"He had a fractured scapula and then three posterior ribs broken and a collapsed lung," said Guile, describing her husband's injuries.

Guile made a handout for neighbors to try to find the man who attacked her husband.

"This is attempted murder. The severity of the injuries to my husband," she said. "They just shouldn't be out, I mean one of them is violent and so I would like to see them criminally charged."

Los Angeles police announced Tuesday an arrest was made after a bicyclist saw a flyer along the L.A. River in an area just north of where the attack happened. Police say the bicyclist spotted the suspect camped along the river and called police.

The suspect, 37-year-old Joshua Anthony Torres, was arrested without incident, LAPD said.

"Torres has multiple felony convictions, is on parole for burglary, and has an active no-bail warrant for parole violation," LAPD said in a news release.

Prior to the arrest, neighbors in the area where the crime happened said they want the police to do more.

"I would just like to feel safe, to have my rights respected, to be able to come home and feel safe," said Guile.

Since the incident last week, homeowners in the area said they recently installed signs in the area so that anybody who trespasses can be arrested.