Famous bakery Sweet Lady Jane reopens in Santa Monica after abrupt closure

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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Famous LA bakery Sweet Lady Jane reopens after abrupt closure
Sweet Lady Jane bakery, the home of the triple berry cake, has reopened its doors in Santa Monica under a new owner.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) -- The home of the triple berry cake has reopened its doors in Santa Monica under a new owner.

The beloved Sweet Lady Jane bakery shocked the Los Angeles area when they announced the closure of all six locations late last year due to slow sales and high wages.

A well-known Los Angeles bakery is now closed after shutting its doors for good on New Year's Eve, leaving longtime customers shocked.

The abrupt closure stole a slice out of the heart of Angelenos, but fans were excited to see it return Monday. The new owners shared that same sentiment.

"My heart dropped, you know that feeling of this for real?... Is this real? And I turned to my partner and I said 'Hey, would it be crazy if we bought it?' And he went 'why don't we?'," said Julie Ngu, CEO of Sweet Lady Jane.

Ngu is no stranger to the brand or baked goods. She's the CEO of her family's business Pacific French Bakery and now she's running Sweet Lady Jane.

"This feels right. It felt right the moment I walked in," she said.

The sweet shop's reputation took a hit while their doors were closed. The L.A. Times reported the bakery was involved in a class action lawsuit for wage theft and mismanagement under the previous owners.

Ngu said they've rehired more than 20 former employees and want more to come back.

"I'm trying to do the right thing. We just want people to enjoy the cakes and love where they work."

The owners say the Beverly Hills and Encino locations will be the next to reopen.