San Fernando factory launches new 1 carb tortilla while continuing to help community

The Alcazar family which owns the company, Mr. Tortilla, created the new low-calorie tortilla and said they continue to donate proceeds from their profits too.
SAN FERNANDO, Calif. (KABC) -- A 1-carb tortilla that is only 15 calories? That's now a product coming out of the San Fernando Valley thanks to an idea that started with the Alcazar family.

"One night we went to get some tacos to a taco truck, got a whole bunch and afterward we're just feeling awful like our stomachs were all messed up. So, how cool would it be to eat a whole bunch of tacos and not have all of this guilt and that's when we came up with the idea," said Ronald Alcazar, co-founder of Mr. Tortilla.

Brothers Ronald and Anthony Alcazar were born and raised in Los Angeles and started Mr. Tortilla in 2012 with their father.

While the family said they're fortunate to start a business together, they said being a small family-run business has had its struggles.

"We've been trying to penetrate the market for over eight years. The tortilla industry, it's been so difficult. The big giant corporations, you know, they have this shelf space and little guys like Mr. Tortilla can't come in and sell our product. So we needed something different, something, you know, a game changer and something that could sell online and use technology," said Anthony Alcazar, co-founder Mr. Tortilla.

That is how they said they've been selling the 1-carb tortilla, through their website and with social media.

"These are a great choice for losing weight, because they are only 15 calories per tortilla. The low amount of carbohydrates makes it a great carb choice for diabetics," said Ruth Frechman, a registered dietitian nutritionist.

The founders said Mr. Tortilla is all about supporting the community. They say 10% of their net profits goes to charity and another 10% goes to profit sharing with their employees.

They have also partnered with New Horizons, an organization that helps provide jobs for adults with learning disabilities like Manuel Rivas.

"Thank you Mr. Tortilla for my job over here is better," said Manuel Rivas, an employee at Mr. Tortilla.

Employees like Manuel have been helping Mr. Tortilla with packaging like putting the stickers on the 1-carb tortilla bags.

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