Chicago 'Tamale Guy' feeds city's bar scene

CHICAGO -- Claudio Velez, better known as "The Authentic Tamale Guy," has been selling tamales around Chicago for over 20 years.

What began as a way to make extra cash has turned Claudio into a Chicago legend!

Famous for carrying around his red cooler, Claudio frequents Chicago's bar scene to sell his tamales.

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After having a rough year and being hospitalized with COVID-19, The Authentic Tamale Guy is back in business and selling more than ever.

His hope is to open up his own location and continue selling tamales around the city.

Currently, Claudio's tamales are available for pick-up at Bangers & Lace in Wicker Park and online. If you're lucky enough, you may see Claudio at your local dive bar!

For more info, follow The Authentic Tamale Guy on Instagram @tamale.guy.