Tamron Hall and her executive producer make for winning team, crediting their news backgrounds

BySandy Kenyon WABC logo
Thursday, December 7, 2023
Tamron Hall and her executive producer make for winning team
Sandy Kenyon has more the dyanmic duo.

NEW YORK CITY -- Tamron Hall holds a degree in broadcast journalism from Temple University and spent years as a network news correspondent before winning two Emmy awards as host of her daytime talk show.

She believes her background in journalism sets "Tamron Hall" apart from other such programs, and she has found a producer to match her talents behind the scenes.

Entertainment Reporter Sandy Kenyon went backstage to profile Quiana Burns.

The story told by "Tamron Hall" each day is a tale of two women: the household name who hosts each episode and a less familiar person behind the scenes.

"I am so lucky to have Quiana Burns as the executive producer of the show with me. She has a news background. She recognizes the storytelling, and I really feel that's what distinguished us," Hall said.

Burns spent two decades in local and network news.

"You're taught to think quick on your feet, to make sure you have your facts right and to be creative and never expect things to be the same way every day, and that's exactly what this is all about in daytime," Burns said.

Burns calls this a "homecoming of sorts" because she worked with Tamron half a dozen years ago before this show premiered.

"I know her heart, and I know how talented she is, and I know how she puts her everything into what she does so that's something and somebody, you can get behind," Burns said.

Behind the scenes, no detail is too small for Burns.

"You never know what you're going to get, but what you do know is that there are always going to be stories to be told, and Tamron is the one to do it," Burns said.

Hall returns the compliment, noting the devoted fans of the show, known as "The Tam-Fam," need a calm leader like Burns.

"She recognizes that we are all the same. We come from different places, but we want the same things. She has that sensibility, but that news tenacity that makes us win," Hall said.

"Tamron Hall" airs each weekday at 2 p.m. on ABC 7.