San Francisco's 'The Summoning' offers scary good fun for thrill seekers

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Encounter a terrifying experience unlike any other
"The Summoning" immerses guests in terrifying encounter with a frightening combination of theater, haunted mazes, and special effects.San Francisco's Halloween event,"The Summoning," invites thrill seekers to participate in the ultimate, terrifying experience.

SAN FRANCISCO -- If you're looking for a scary and fun event to experience this Halloween season, "The Summoning" is not an ordinary haunted attraction.

"What makes our show so unique is that it is a show. It has actors that rehearse scenes. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end," event producer Peaches Christ explains, "And then, all of the horror, the screams and the fun."

The Summoning follows a storyline about vampires and the spectral world, where guests need to make their way through a maze filled with more than just scary music and lighting.

"You are going to expect a lot of jump scares, art, camp, acting, grossness, oddities, and a really well-crafted story," attendee Pablo shares, "They freaked me out a lot."

"We really want you to forget where you are," Peaches Christ says. "We have created a completely 4D environment."

The event boasts 32 sets, more than 45 actors, and the perfect combination of theater, haunted mazes, and special effects.

"We really want to make you scream," Peaches Christ shares.

For visitors that aren't excited about a good scare, they can hang out at the "Fang Bang" bar and wait for their friends.

"Fang Bang is open to folks who don't necessarily have tickets to the show," Peaches Christ reveals, "You can get specialty cocktails. You can get themed food."

Whether you enjoy a cocktail or a scare, The Summoning will get you into the Halloween spirit.

"Halloween is about being scared and having fun at the exact same time and you get that here at the Terror Vault, The Summoning," attendee Pablo enthusiastically declares.

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