The Alice: a mad cap mad hatters immersive cocktail experience comes to LA

HOLLYWOOD -- Ever fancied partying with the Mad Hatter in an immersive cocktail experience? Well, now you can. The Alice is a 90 minute "topsy-turvy journey" in the magical realm of Wonderland, brought to you by the interactive team behind The Wizards Den, Beyond Cinema and The Art of Murder.

"Its a lot of different things all rolled up into one," explained Operations Manager at Viral Events, Mikaela Fleming.

Guests arrive in The Alice after ascending a flight of multi-colored stairs and are greeting by The Mad Hatter himself and The March Hare. After being shown to your table you are taken on a fun interactive journey that may or may not include some rather strong alcoholic drinks (dont worry, if you dont drink booze there are other options).

"Everything you look at, I just want to take a photo of everything," said The Alice guest Oksanna Shulgach.
Like the book and movie that inspired it, The Alice's main room feels a little mad. Faux flowers, oversized playing cards, and a giant Cheshire Cat head with glowing neon eyes decorate the room.

We have all the main characters from Alice in Wonderland that take you through a journey of riddles," Shulgach told Localish. "You have to have to go around the space and solve clues and really get your brain going."

Its a wonderful gift for the Holidays," added Fleming.

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