The Alice: a mad cap mad hatters immersive cocktail experience comes to LA

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Monday, December 20, 2021
The Alice offers an immersive cocktail experience in LA
An immersive cocktail adventure! Come along on a 90 minute experience through the looking glass and into the magical realm of Wonderland.The Alice is an immersive cocktail experience that takes you into the Wonderland and features Alice, The Mad Hatter and the March Hare.

HOLLYWOOD -- Ever fancied partying with the Mad Hatter in an immersive cocktail experience? Well, now you can. The Alice is a 90 minute "topsy-turvy journey" in the magical realm of Wonderland, brought to you by the interactive team behind The Wizards Den, Beyond Cinema and The Art of Murder.

"Its a lot of different things all rolled up into one," explained Operations Manager at Viral Events, Mikaela Fleming.

Guests arrive in The Alice after ascending a flight of multi-colored stairs and are greeting by The Mad Hatter himself and The March Hare. After being shown to your table you are taken on a fun interactive journey that may or may not include some rather strong alcoholic drinks (dont worry, if you dont drink booze there are other options).

"Everything you look at, I just want to take a photo of everything," said The Alice guest Oksanna Shulgach.

Like the book and movie that inspired it, The Alice's main room feels a little mad. Faux flowers, oversized playing cards, and a giant Cheshire Cat head with glowing neon eyes decorate the room.

We have all the main characters from Alice in Wonderland that take you through a journey of riddles," Shulgach told Localish. "You have to have to go around the space and solve clues and really get your brain going."

Its a wonderful gift for the Holidays," added Fleming.

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