Tensions escalate over shrimp among Shanae and Elizabeth on 'The Bachelor'

'Bachelor' Recap

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Tensions escalate over shrimp among Shanae and Elizabeth on 'The Bachelor'
The feud between Elizabeth and Shanae grows due to a dispute over shrimp on 'The Bachelor."

NEW YORK -- After a long two-week break from "The Bachelor" we picked back up with Clayton thinking about taking Cassidy's rose back because he heard she might have a "friends with benefits" situation back home.

Jesse Palmer told Clayton there are no rules and he can eliminate a woman who has a rose and take it back if he wants to.


Jennifer Matarese interviews Jesse Palmer about hosting "The Bachelor" on ABC.

Clayton Confronts Cassidy

Clayton pulled Cassidy aside and asked her about it all and she tried her best to explain that she was talking to someone who had no interest in her. Clayton got up and walked away as Cassidy tried to chase after him crying. She went into an upstairs bathroom and sobbed and Clayton mulled over what he should do. Eventually, he walked up into the bathroom to talk with Cassidy and said that there are too many concerns. He put her in a limo and sent her home!

Rose Ceremony

1) Susie (one-on-one date)

2) Sarah (group date)

3) Eliza

4) Rachel

5) Serene

6) Sierra

7) Teddi

8) Lyndsey W.

9) Jill

10) Gabby

11) Kira

12) Mara

13) Marlena

14) Genevieve

15) Hunter

16) Melina

17) Elizabeth

18) Shanae

First Group Date

The next day, Jesse dropped off a date card that read, "Serene, Susie, Eliza, Mara, Marlena, Hunter, Genevieve, Jill, I see you." The women met Clayton at an auditorium where Kaitlyn Bristowe was sitting in a circle of chairs. She read revealing statements and had the women stand up and talk about their own personal experiences. Hunter talked about how she would work out at a ridiculous level, changed her eye color with contacts, and dyed her hair all to try to meet her ex-boyfriend's expectations. Eliza said that she was called anorexic because she was so skinny when she was younger and it took her a long time to feel comfortable and she would even overeat to try to meet certain expectations. Clayton talked about his body image issues as a teen and how he felt too fat. He said that he turned his biggest weakness into a strength and now he loves himself for who he is.

At the cocktail party, Serene said they never really spoke about her emotions growing up so being in a group setting it's hard for her to open up. Clayton said he could really relate to that and he added that he felt a strong connection to her. During his time with Susie, his one-on-one date from last week, he stole her away to do some secret kissing! He connected really well with Eliza too, he said she was the most beautiful woman he's probably ever laid eyes on. It was no surprise that Clayton gave her the group date rose.

One-on-One Date

The one-on-one date card arrived and it was for Sarah! It read, "Falling in love is full of surprises." Sarah and Clayton met up with former "Bachelorette" Becca Kufrin. She set them off on a scavenger hunt around LA in their underwear. People looked on as Sarah and Clayton ran around in their skivvies, eating ice cream, finding clues, and whacking open piñatas with questions inside of them. The worst part was when they had to sing their feelings to each other at microphones, still in their underwear. It was awkward but they seemed to have a great time together.

Shrimp Drama at the House

Meantime, there was drama in the house when Elizabeth made shrimp and Shanae ate more than half of them. Shanae made more shrimp and she felt like the other women were ignoring her.

One-on-One Evening Portion

Sarah and Clayton went to the Van Gogh exhibit to have a special dinner. It was such a beautiful setting! Sarah revealed she was adopted by her parents because her biological parents were 20 and didn't feel they were ready for a child. She said it's always going to be a part of her and what she wants in a family is saying yes to amazing things. She loves that Clayton can see her for her. "You just deserve to fall in love and find your person," Sarah said through tears to Clayton. "You are special to me already, and it's weird." Clayton said that he has his own struggles and insecurities and he is so happy they grew closer today and he finds her very supportive. He gave her the date rose! Then, a string orchestra played as they danced among Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Second Group Date

The date card read, "Gabby, Rachel, Kira, Melina, Lyndsey, Sierra, Teddi, Elizabeth, Shanae, Love's a beach." Nicole Eggert showed up to give them a "Baywatch" date! They all got into their red swimsuits and ran across the beach. They went through a series of challenges like applying sunscreen (Shanae only put it on Clayton's nipples!), CPR, and slowmo running. This was super awkward to watch, or maybe it was just me. Shanae aggressively kissed Clayton after her slomo run in front of the whole group. Nicole Eggert picked Gabby as the winner of the challenges. So, she got to sit and hang out with a sunburned Clayton for a little extra one-on-one time.

During the evening cocktail party, Clayton told Rachel that the other women are just talking themselves up and she shouldn't worry, he's trying to validate her too. Clayton told Gabby that he loves how quirky she is and she did her best to talk about all of her layers. Then, Clayton was talking about how burned he was and she busted out a bottle of aloe, had him take off his shirt, and rubbed it all over his body. Their connection really grew today. Shanae pulled Clayton for some time and she wanted to make sure that she could get him before Elizabeth did. But, instead of using her time to grow her connection with Clayton, she used it to talk to him about her beef with Elizabeth and feeling bullied in the house. It came across as really desperate.

Of course, Clayton asked Elizabeth about what she said about being bullied in the house and by her. Elizabeth started to cry as she defended herself. She really hasn't done anything wrong and is just fed up with the whole situation. The other women were floored by the fact that Shanae has taken such control over this made-up problem. In the end, he gave the group date rose to Gabby. Then, Clayton told the women that he was going to address the Elizabeth and Shanae situation before the rose ceremony.

Next Week

Shanae's tension with the house comes to a head and it seems to bust out again on yet another group date.

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Clayton Echard has been named the season 26 "Bachelor" on ABC.