SoCal students get homework help with unique program that creates safe space for learning

Think Together started nearly 30 years ago and now operates in more than 600 schools across California.
RIALTO, Calif. (KABC) -- During a normal day at Bemis Elementary in Rialto, when school is over, some students are still on the playground.

Some are still eating in the cafeteria while others study or do homework in a classroom. It's all a part of an after school program run by employees and volunteers with the nonprofit organization known as Think Together.

"Without them, the kids would be out in the streets, who knows?" said parent Elizabeth Rosales.

Rosales said the program has helped her son Dominick focus more.

"Grades for sure. He's now more interested in science and he wants to become an engineer," she said.

Her son agreed.

"When she signed me up for Think Together, it helped out a lot with homework, and homework's been a lot easier now," said Dominick.

Think Together started nearly 30 years ago and now operates in more than 600 schools across California.

"We partner with schools to provide an extension of the school day, exposing students to extracurricular activities to expand their horizons, provide homework support and engage in physical activity," said Rosalie Trujillo with Think Together.

Parents have a lot of choices when it comes to after school programs, and one of the unique aspects of Think Together is that everything is done on school grounds.

"As soon as school is out, they check in with their teacher leaders, and the programs here, and parents are already familiar with the school, so there's no need for transportation, and we're here," said Bemis Elementary's assistant principal Alethea Hauvruge-Granados. "We have students' medicines here if they need it, so it's very convenient to have it on site."

Hauvruge-Granados said 140 students are a part of Think Together at Bemis Elementary, and if they had room, and perhaps more funding, they could have even more.

Diana McKenzie-Embray said all five of her grandchildren are in the program.

"It's a great impact," she said. "It helps them study and focus more with communication, with other children, with adults, learning to share, and being in an environment where it's safe and watched over quite well."

To learn more about Think Together, visit the organization's website.

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