SoCal Spotlight: Mathis Brothers gives inside look at how facility runs

Mathis Brothers furniture in Ontario is the largest furniture retail store California. They're the place to shop for all the top brands at the lowest prices. But have you ever wondered how an operation of that size works?

We're shining the SoCal Spotlight on Mathis Brothers and lifting the veil to see just how their 500,000 square foot facility runs and how you are guaranteed to not only get the best prices, but the best service every time.

Everything from customer service and care, to how they source their over 10,000 items is explained by none other than Rit Mathis, the face of Mathis Brothers.

Watch the video above for a guided tour of not only the showroom floor but behind the scenes and into the warehouse, fulfillment center, as well as their state-of-the-art recycling facilities. You will even see a tour of their solar farm on the roof, which powers their whole operation in Ontario!
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