A chef on a mission to bring healthy dishes to the Eastside

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Jocelyn Ramirez is a chef on a mission with her catering company, Todo Verde, encouraging Los Angeles communities to eat healthier versions of their favorite dishes.

"The whole point of Todo Verde is trying to integrate this plant-based lifestyle into a regular daily lifestyle," Ramirez said.

The idea first began at home when Jocelyn and her family were dealing with some health issues. Jocelyn started to make small changes to her diet and learn about veganism.

Then, her family not only enjoyed the meals and smoothies Jocelyn was creating, but they also began to see the health benefits in their own lives.

That was three years ago, now she runs Todo Verde out of a shared cooking space, Craft Kitchen, in the Arts District in DTLA.

The company, which has an all-female staff, hosts private and public catering events, food demonstrations, and educational cooking classes.

Ramirez' created the menu to reflect her upbringing, but added healthier food elements, plant-based options, to the recipes. The dishes maintain their delicious flavors, but include more nutritious value, such as with her unique creation of ceviche and mole.

"Start off slow. See what things you like, " Ramirez expressed. "Keep exploring, have fun with it."

Todo Verde plans to open their first brick and mortar shop on the eastside in 2019.

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