Tom Holland swings from Marvel's 'Spider-Man' to PlayStation hero in 'Uncharted'

Tom Holland says new movie 'Uncharted' offers escapism for movie-goers who haven't been able to travel for the last 2 years

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Friday, February 18, 2022
Tom Holland swings from 'Spider-Man' to video game hero in 'Uncharted'
Tom Holland swings from Marvel's 'Spider-Man' to PlayStation hero Nathan Drake in his new movie "Uncharted."

HOLLYWOOD -- In the last two years, actor Tom Holland's production schedule has been packed with back-to-back shoots.

One became the highest-grossing movie since the pandemic: "Spider-Man: No Way Home." The other is "Uncharted," a PlayStation game turned into a big screen adventure.

In "Uncharted," Holland plays a street smart character named Nathan Drake.

He gets recruited by a veteran treasure hunter - played by Mark Wahlberg - who has traveled the world trying to recover a fortune of missing gold that was lost some 500 years ago.

"This movie is a story of exploration. It is a form of escapism," said Holland. "The last two years, traveling is something many of us haven't been able to do ... so come and do it with us!"

"Uncharted" is filled with action, but a different kind than he was used to with his Marvel character.

"We had green screens, but there's just no suits," he said. "There's no mask I can hide behind. One of the luxuries of Spider-Man is when something is uncomfortable, and you pull an uncomfortable face, no one can see it. But in this,

Nathan is supposed to be so heroic at all times. So when doing something uncomfortable, I have to keep the smolder going."

Holland also spends a lot of time in the water in "Uncharted." It's something he says he's gotten used to since his big break in the 2012 film "The Impossible."

"It's interesting, it's almost like Hollywood is trying to drown me," laughed Holland. "But I enjoy shooting in tanks. It's like going a water park. In 'Uncharted' swimming through those caves was really fun."

Holland said his confident "Uncharted" character is the complete opposite of the types he usually plays, but as a PlayStation fan himself, he felt a strong obligation to be true to the video game alter ego.

"There's definitely a level of pressure, but we used that pressure to give us the drive to make the movie as special as we could," said Holland. "We have shown the film to some hard core fans, and I feel we've done what we set out to achieve."