Most popular cities to visit in the world named

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands is the sixth most popular international city to visit for the next year.

AAA released its top international travel locations Wednesday, based on where its members are planning to travel. Americans will be taking off to an array of picturesque locales in the coming months, and Europe and exotic beaches are as hip as ever.

The nonprofit determined the list based on planned bookings from its 55 million members through July 2016. London was the most popular travel destination outside of the U.S., with plenty of beach cities -- like Punta Cana and Cancun -- populating the list.

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"Travelers heading to Europe will enjoy favorable currency exchange rates, making now an excellent time to plan a trip overseas," said Bill Sutherland, AAA Senior Vice President of Travel and Publishing. "Unique experiences such as river cruising are incredibly popular as well, as travelers look for opportunities to immerse themselves in a destination's local culture while enjoying a hassle-free vacation experience abroad."

If you've caught the travel bug, "right now" is always when you want to start planning your next trip. AAA experts say that mentality is right on the money, as there are plenty of details that could take weeks sort out. The passport process alone can take up to a month and a half. AAA also recommends checking in with your credit card company, cell phone company, and the U.S. government's STEP program so they can contact you in case of an emergency.

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