Health experts weigh in on the benefits of adding fats to beverages

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Experts weigh in on health benefits of adding fats to drinks
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The Bulletproof Coffee craze led to a host of coffees, teas, waters and smoothies that add fats to the drinks in the name of good health.

VERNON, Calif. (KABC) -- A trend started when a company called Bullet Proof added coconut oil and butter to coffee. Now, coffee spots and other companies are doing it - adding similar items to beverages for fat burning and other health benefits.

"What I'm not down with is now all of the proliferation of all of these fatty drinks and coffees and things that are made with just really poor quality nutrients," dietitian Ashley Koff said.

Koff doesn't mind a fat and caffeine combination, but she's disappointed in the source and processing of some of the ingredients that chemically alter the product.

Nutrition expert Toby Amidor goes one step further.

"I'm a nay on the bullet proof. I don't think coffee needs butter and there's a different place for it," dietitian Toby Amidor said.

Along with coffee, fats are being added in hot tea, even smoothies, something Chef Mareya Ibrahim likes.

She makes a smoothie with green tea matcha, coconut milk, coconut oil, frozen berries and even a collagen protein booster.

"It's adding ghee or adding coconut oil or something in there that gives you good omegas. It helps to give you good fat in the morning," said chef Mareya Ibrahim, known as "the fit foodie."

Like Koff, Ibrahim looks at quality oils and other ingredients for a tasty delivery system by way of a smoothie.

"They all have a purpose. They're either providing energy. They're providing nutrients or they're providing good fats," Ibrahim said.

Most consumers aren't going to know if the coconut oil, butter or other fat comes from good sources or have been heavily processed.

Both experts say buying organic is the first place to start. Check the ingredient list for what you are getting the most of.

If you find it comfortable to put coconut oil or butter in your coffee or tea - no problem. But just know that as long as it's a good source of healthy fat, it's perfectly acceptable to put in on a solid.