Man wraps his $240K Lamborghini with tribute to President Trump

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Monday, March 2, 2020
Man adorns his 240K car with tribute to President Trump
Man adorns his $240K car with tribute to President Trump

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A Tulsa man uses his nearly quarter-million-dollar car to show support for President Trump.

There's no hiding Steve Currington's political stance.

Currington, who also goes by Lambro Steve, put a pro-Trump wrap on his $240,000 Lamborghini a couple weeks ago.

He's driven it all around Oklahoma and says he purposely made it over the top to get a reaction out of people.

"I just wanted a picture of Trump that was funny. I have a lot of humor in my life, and I felt like that was him going 'Haha! I'm winning!'" he said.

Currington has all different nods to Trump's presidency, between total acquittal on the windshield to the gas tank saying it's fueled by liberal tears.

"His head is on the roof because I wanted people as I come up behind you to be able to see that Trump is watching you. The president is watching you," he said.

Currington says the reaction so far has been mostly positive.

"We have people wanting to take pictures with it, families, grandma, grandparents, kids just wanting to get a picture with the president on the side of the car," he said.

But some of it, not shockingly, negative.

"Some guy drove past me and gave me the bird," he said. "People that are not Trump fans are adamant and mean."

Driving in downtown Tulsa, a lot of people couldn't believe what they saw.

"It says it runs off liberal tears. Wow this is crazy!" said one observer.

When asked if the wrap would come off if President Trump were to lose the 2020 election, Currington had an interesting response.

"He's not going to lose, but if he loses it is what it is. I'd probably wrap it for Bernie to get the other side," he said.

For now, Currington says nothing will stop him from driving his one-of-a-kind statement across the country, but his ultimate goal is for Trump to see it for himself.