Long-term love story: Couple remarries six decades after divorce

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Monday, February 15, 2021
Long-term love story: Couple remarries six decades after divorce
A couple who met and married as teens in Los Angeles, then divorced four years later, married each other again on what would've been their original 59th anniversary.

Here is a Valentine's Day love story for the ages.

Nearly six decades after they first met in Los Angeles, married and then divorced, a couple has reconnected and remarried.

Dennis and Diane Reynolds met when they were 13-year-olds attending Sun Valley Junior High. They married at 18 and had two sons.

But they couldn't make the marriage work and divorced four years later.

That was 1965.

After that, Dennis served in Vietnam, got remarried twice and moved around the country.

Diane also remarried, had children and moved to the East Coast.

Later, both of their spouses passed away.

They reconnected in 2019.

After all those years, the sparks were still there. Last year, Dennis and Diane got married again, on Nov. 11 - which is both Veterans Day and the couple's original wedding date from 59 years earlier.

They're living in Las Vegas and recently purchased a home with help from Dennis' veteran benefits.

"We did take the time to grow with each other," Diane said. "I think that's really important. I think that's why it's so strong now. We got to know each other well."

They say their life experiences and marriages to others have only served to teach them how to make the relationship work this time.

"We've learned in order to make love work, you have to have patience," Dennis said.