Coronavirus: SoCal caregiver commits to shop for her patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic

One Southern California caregiver is going above and beyond to make sure her patients don't go without anything during COVID-19 pandemic - while also taking full measures to keep them, and those around her, healthy.

While so many of us are gathering supplies for ourselves during the coronavirus crisis, Vanessa Oseguera is doing the shopping for those who can't.

"Making sure that we have, you know, (sanitizing) wipes, toilet paper, paper towels and everything, you know essential food," Oseguera said.

Clad in a mask and gloves, she goes out to get groceries, medicine and anything else that her patients may need. Oseguera also makes sure to sanitize everything before she delivers it.

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"We also wipe down the counter top, make sure everything is clean, if we touched anything, but we make sure that we wash our hands as soon as we go in the house," Oseguera said.

She's also careful to protect her own family.

"I tell my kids to open the garage door open so I can leave my clothes and shoes outside, and wash them right away," Oseguera said. "Wash my hands, and try to do as much as possible. And, get into the shower. Wash my hands, tell them 'don't touch me,' I actually sleep in the living room now."

Oseguera says the hours are long - sometimes 12 hours a day - but she says she knows her clients are depending on her.

"They're long days to be honest. We're here for them as long as they need," Oseguera said.

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