Riverside woman brought to tears by letter from veteran

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Saturday, June 2, 2018
Riverside woman brought to tears by letter from veteran
An anonymous veteran delivered a hand-written note to a Riverside woman whose husband is currently deployed in the Middle East.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- Leah Cruz is one of many Americans who flies a service flag at her home to signify a family member serving in the military.

Her husband currently deployed in the Middle East, she was sitting on the couple's couch in Riverside when an unknown man walked up to her home and left an envelope at the door - not far from the service flag with its distinct blue star in the center.

Cruz didn't know what to expect upon seeing the stranger on her home's security camera, but went to pick up the mail once he left.

It was a letter.

"So many times I have driven by your home and wanted to say thank you for your son or daughter that is deployed," the letter read. "Each night I pray for your family. As an old veteran, your star makes me proud. Please tell you son or daughter that each night we pray for your safety. Thank you."

Although the anonymous veteran was unaware that it was Cruz's husband serving rather than a son or daughter, the letter still brought her to tears.

"Just a kind word goes a long way," she said, admitting that the kind note made her think about focusing more on the world around her.