New photo exhibit puts spotlight on deported veterans

According to a new exhibit at the Museum of Social Justice, each year 5,000 new immigrants join the U.S. military.
Documentary photographer Joseph Silva has spent six years documenting people that he calls family.

"We have the same story. So, we can talk about similar things that we've done in the military or out of the military," said Silva.

His new exhibit called 'Deported Veterans' depicts just that. He gets to know veterans that have been deported and then asks to take their picture.

Silva is veteran himself.

"I joined the Navy right out of high school because I wanted to see the world," said Silva.

According to Silva, each year 5,000 new immigrants join the U.S. military.

"People automatically assume that you have to be a US citizen, to be a veteran, not true, you can be a green card holder, and join the US military."

He hopes this exhibit can help people understand that these men and women that have put their life on the line for our county, consider the U.S. home. Yet, they often don't get to stay here long after serving.

"These are men and women who served the United States military. And with this small crime or glitch in the system, they were disregarded. They were deported," said Silva.

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