Chef Hui supports Maui community with restaurant-quality meals

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Thursday, April 11, 2024
Chef Hui supports Maui community with restaurant-quality meals
Find out how this community meal project meets the evolving needs of Hawaii residents.

MAUI, Hawaii -- When damaging, wind-driven wildfires hit Maui in August 2023, chefs from around the world came together to cook and prepare meals for the community.

"The organization was called Chef Hui with Mark Noguchi and his wife and they all helped, with Common Ground Collective, create this community of people who all came together and wanted to help out as best they could," described Chef Taylor Ponte, the Co-Owner of Kamado Maui. "It gave us also a way to have a purpose during a really tough time for everyone."

Chef Brian Etheredge, the Co-Owner of Tails Up and Owner of Private Maui Chef added, "We all just went to work, everyone on the island went to work doing what we do, using all the resources we have."

"I grew up in Lahaina, I was emotional about the whole situation," shared Chimo Shipp, the Co-Owner of Tails Up. "I just focused my efforts on helping, which pivoted my whole business and started nonprofit, and that's where most of my efforts have been going."

In the first six days of activation, Chef Hui and partners produced over 50 thousand restaurant-quality meals for same-day delivery to community members in need. Chimo used his fishing boat to bring locals gas and other items into Lahaina.

There are still many open businesses in and around Lahaina that need support.

"If you want our employees to survive and have jobs, and for this business to survive, we need visitors to come," shared Gunars Valkirs, the owner of Ku'ia Estate Chocolate.

"Our economy is really struggling, so support strong locally-owned businesses," echoed Shipp.

"What we do in Hawaii is we host people, we're very hospitality driven, that's part of our healing process too is taking care of others and welcoming others into our home," said Ponte. "Let us show you a good time while also helping us out at the same time."

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