Motorcycle crash victim reunites with Life Flight crew credited with helping save his life

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Crash victim reunites with crew credited with saving his life
Rescued by Life Flight, this motorcycle crash victim reunites with the crew who saved his life.

KTRK helped a motorcycle accident victim reunite with the Life Flight team he credits with saving his life. Now, the victim says he wants to be a Life Flight nurse himself.

In 2021, Anthony Prause left a dinner party and was riding his father's motorcycle home on the Southwest Freeway in Sugar Land, Texas when he was sideswiped by a car.

"When we arrived at the scene, we saw a lot of police cars, fire trucks. We also saw a motorcycle that was pretty heavily damaged," paramedic Kyle Rodriguez said.

"The injuries that we noticed off the bat was a possible head injury," nurse Layton Mullins said.

Witnesses say his motorcycle flipped more than 10 times. As Anthony lay on the roadway, making his own 911 call, he was struck once again, this time, by a Chevrolet Tahoe.

"I don't remember any of it. Dinner was the last thing I remember," Anthony said. "I heard the motorcycle flipped 13 times."

The Memorial Hermann Life Flight team was dispatched to the scene and they transported him to the hospital, where he was treated for severe internal injuries and ultimately underwent 15 surgeries.

"This is what I was told about his injuries," the victim's father, Michael Prause said, pointing at a full page of writing in a notebook. "Broke both orbitals around his eye sockets, collarbone, left shoulder blade, his L4 back."

He also had to relearn daily life skills he previously took for granted. Two years later, Anthony tells KTRK he's made a full recovery and owes much of it to the response of Life Flight.

"The accident was around 1:40 in the morning. At 2:08, he was rolling into the operating room," Michael said. "They saved my son's life."

KTRK was there to witness the reunion between Anthony and two of the Life Flight crew members - Rodriguez and Mullins.

"It's always good to see a good outcome from somebody that we were able to help," Rodriguez said. "Especially when someone has such a serious accident and is able to make a full recovery like he did."

"I do not consider myself a hero," Mullins added.

The traumatic experience changed the trajectory of Anthony's life and has inspired him to pursue a nursing degree with the goal of becoming a Life Flight nurse himself. He is currently enrolled in nursing school at Chamberlin University and works as a Pedi PACU technician at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

"Thank you all, a lot, for doing what you do. It led to pretty much a full recovery," Anthony said to the Life Flight team.

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