Souvla: 10 years of casual Greek dining

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Monday, April 22, 2024
Souvla: 10 years of casual Greek dining
Souvla's 10-year legacy of casual Greek cuisine reaches far beyond the Bay Area.

MARIN, Calif. -- With 5 locations in San Francisco and 1 location in Marin, Souvla shares casual, yet, elevated delicious Greek cuisine.

The company's 10-year legacy reaches far beyond the Bay Area.

"Whether it's in San Francisco or New York or Chicago or Athens, and you mention Souvla, and people light up," shared Charles Bililies the Founder/CEO of Souvla. "In general, the first reaction is 'Oh my God, I love Souvla.'"

"Oftentimes you'll be halfway around the world, and it's like, wait a minute how do you know about this," Bililies added. "It's really phenomenal to see how we've been able to become a part of so many people's lives."

Souvla has created a genre of food that they like to refer to as "fast-fine." It's all about sharing elevated, delicious Greek cuisine in a casual setting.

"Everything is plated and brought to your table, and your food is served on beautiful blue and white enamelware, your wine is served in stemware," shared Bililies. "It looks and acts and feels like a full-service restaurant."

The food offerings are inspired by Bililies' Greek heritage with options ranging from traditional gyros to veggie-packed salads.

"Anyone can walk in and understand the menu and get great service and understand what they're eating," said Bililies. "Consistency and quality is paramount to what we do especially when you're serving 2-3 thousand meals a day."

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