Viola Davis returns to 'How to Get Away with Murder' for mid-season premiere

Friday, January 30, 2015
Viola Davis returns to 'How to Get Away with Murder' for mid-season premiere
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'How to Get Away with Murder' cast encouraging Viola Davis to give up her worrying ways.

LOS ANGELES -- Viola Davis is back with more mystery and intrigue as "How to Get Away with Murder" returns to the "Thank God It's Thursday" lineup. The cast of the hit series, including Davis, has cultivated a loyal following. And not just for the show itself, but also for their live chats via Twitter.

Davis said she had mixed feelings about jumping into the Twitter world.

"Sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes I don't," she admits. "Because I'm not hip with it! I have tweeted so many times by accident!"

Tweeting may not be her forte, but Viola Davis' success is no accident. It comes from talent and hard work. For her current show, the recent SAG award winner has been relishing her time with her on-screen law students. They, in turn, have been learning from a true acting master.

"She sets the tone," said Aja Naomi King, who plays law student Michaela Pratt. "It's a great place where we can try things out. You don't have to be perfect. It's okay to mess up and go on the roller coaster that is these characters lives."

Co-star Charlie Weber, who plays Frank Delfino, said of Davis, "We're all still so impressed with what an amazing person she is and how cool and open she is. It's taught us a lesson. She's elevated herself to this level of ability and fame but is still a cool down to earth person."

But Davis said she's learned just as much from her young co-stars.

"They are having fun! With me, I worry, I worry about everything," Davis said. "I worry so much that I don't take the time to understand that this is a moment in life that I have to embrace. This is great."

On "How to Get Away with Murder," Davis has been afforded great scripts week after week, and she admits she likes when she gets to play those "big" scenes.

"I do. I do get excited about scenes like that!" Davis said. "Because then I can really do my work, as an artist, I can create something that is truth. I like being private in public. I think that's what we do as artists. We take those private moments, those moments you don't think anyone is watching, no one is watching you at night, right? When you take off your makeup and all of that? And to put it on the screen for people to watch is very exciting."

"How to Get Away with Murder" airs Thursdays on ABC.